For Employers

Argent Search Inc. partners with employers to provide human capital solutions for the filling of vital roles within an organization.

Search Process


A comprehensive needs assessment consultation is our first step. An Argent Search Inc. consultant will meet with client stakeholders to understand the organization's requirements, industry/sector, key competitors, partners and similar businesses.


We then develop an individualized search strategy for candidate identification and recruitment, and position the search with appropriate marketing techniques.


After extensive, focused research, we then directly recruit the most qualified candidates in our client's particular industry or sector who may not be actively considering other opportunities.


Candidates are carefully screened and qualified in order to secure the best fit for a client. A short list of top talent is produced and meetings are arranged between the client and candidate(s).


Consultants at Argent Search Inc. represent both the client and candidate fairly and in the strictest confidence. We communicate with the client and candidate throughout the search assignment, facilitate negotiations and arrange reference checks.


Closure and Follow-Up

If you would like to learn more about what Argent Search Inc. can do for your organization, please contact Argent Search Inc. by phone or email.

For Candidates

Candidates for our mid- to senior-level searches are matched to our clients' expectations through access to extensive global databases, directories and information services, and, most effectively, through direct recruitment.

Argent Search Inc. seeks only the professionals who excel in their fields. These individuals may not post their résumés online, or seek employment on Internet job boards, company websites or through classified ads. In our experience, direct recruitment strategies have been the best method for attracting the strongest candidates for our clients.

Confidentiality and trust are paramount in our discussions with prospective candidates. We are sensitive to the confidential nature of the search, and that of the candidate's current engagement. We are committed to conducting discreet discussions about a potential opportunity with a candidate, and will respect the decision of the candidate as to how he or she would like to proceed. Argent Search Inc. will not disclose personal information to another party without an individual's prior consent.

If an Argent Search consultant calls you, be prepared to listen to a great opportunity for professional advancement, while knowing that we operate in the strictest confidence.

You are encouraged to read through our Search Process as it outlines what to expect as a candidate for one of our clients' opportunities.