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Argent Search Inc. partners with employers to provide human
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Search Process


This first phase is a fact-finding exercise which is conducted face-to-face with key members of an organization who influence the hiring decision, and is critical to the success of the search process. The information obtained in this first step will be used to attract candidates and assess their suitability for the opening. This initial step not only allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of the preferred qualifications of the ideal candidate, it is also needed for positioning the opportunity to prospective candidates. An Argent Search Inc. consultant can then accurately convey the client's corporate culture and business climate in which the organization operates, as well as the requirements, responsibilities and reporting structure of the position.


A detailed profile on the client organization and the requirements of the position is prepared internally based on information collected in our initial client meeting. This document is the driving force behind the search process, as it allows us to articulate the requirements to prospective candidates and assess their suitability. We will then market the opportunity appropriately and with confidence, as we have obtained the complete picture from our client.

Extensive research is conducted by information professionals at Argent Search Inc. who have Master's degrees in Information Studies from leading universities, and therefore possess the requisite knowledge and background in searching cutting-edge global databases and information services.

We develop a short list of firms who share, or are similar to, our client's function, and then target those individuals who are in disciplines and have responsibilities matching the criteria outlined in the search assignment. This list is generated using our confidential database, trade literature, extensive network of contacts, and other information found in the public domain and through global, proprietary information services.


Initial contact is made with several prospective candidates who have been identified as being among the top echelons of their fields. Confidentiality and trust are key considerations throughout the candidate recruitment period. During this stage, we often establish the first and most crucial contact with those who will need to thoughtfully consider the ways in which the opportunity is more attractive than their present situation. We are sensitive to the confidential nature of the search, and that of the prospective candidate's current engagement. This first contact is typically short in duration, and is often continued off-hours when one is free to speak about employment history, credentials and motivation to explore the opening.


Consultants at Argent Search Inc. conduct detailed interviews to explore candidates' career progression, reporting structures, technical competencies, character, presentation, key accomplishments, and personal motivation to leave a current employer. This evaluation period is critical in determining which candidates will be presented to a client.

Since it is our role to recruit and select, we strive to present a short list, typically comprised of three top candidates, per search assignment. Along with a candidate's résumé, we may also include accompanying materials and supporting documents prepared by the candidate, when appropriate. Meeting times are scheduled to accommodate both parties.


The candidate is instructed to provide prompt feedback following every stage in the interview process with the client. As a third party, we are able to facilitate communication between the client and candidate, and prepare the candidate for a potential offer during this stage. Those who are deemed inappropriate for the position are notified with an explanation.

Consultants at Argent Search Inc. are involved in offer negotiations. We want to be certain that the candidate has a clear understanding of the entire compensation package. If the candidate does not accept the offer, then we feel that there has been a possible lapse in communication. It is our role to bridge this gap.

References are conducted prior to negotiation. Depending on the position, we make every effort to obtain at least three professional references. We ensure that they are complete and submitted to the client before an offer is presented. Sometimes the client will choose to undertake this task.


A start date is agreed upon and the candidate is prepared to resign from his/her current employer. We are involved in coaching the candidate through this transition period. After a successful placement, we will continue to periodically check with both the client and the incumbent to make sure that expectations are met and any concerns are addressed.

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Candidates for our mid- to senior-level searches are matched to our clients' expectations through access to extensive global databases, directories and information services, and, most effectively, through direct recruitment.

Argent Search Inc. seeks only the professionals who excel in their fields. These individuals may not post their résumés online, or seek employment on Internet job boards, company websites or through classified ads. In our experience, direct recruitment strategies have been the best method for attracting the strongest candidates for our clients.

Confidentiality and trust are paramount in our discussions with prospective candidates. We are sensitive to the confidential nature of the search, and that of the candidate's current engagement. We are committed to conducting discreet discussions about a potential opportunity with a candidate, and will respect the decision of the candidate as to how he or she would like to proceed. Argent Search Inc. will not disclose personal information to another party without an individual's prior consent.

If an Argent Search consultant calls you, be prepared to listen to a great opportunity for professional advancement, while knowing that we operate in the strictest confidence.

You are encouraged to read through our Search Process as it outlines what to expect as a candidate for one of our clients' opportunities.


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